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Letters to Jesus (How we Know & Pursue God) - 9
The Christmas story and agreeing on something!...
Late at night: The unhappy thoughts and sleepless night!...
Random Thoughts- 5
JESUS Is The WAY! The TRUTH And The LIFE! ~ Part I ~
Random Thoughts- 4
Doctor's Podcast- Secret Sins
Bad Moon Rising That Will Bring Rage And Ruin To A Blind Society That Believes Man Rather Than All God Says In His Words Of Truth; And God Even Says To Put No Confidence In Man, But Man Just Does Not Obey God.
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God) - 8
Something Always Told Me They Were Reading Tommy Wrong;
Hands and Feet!
Doctor's Podcast- Fan into flame the gift of God which is in you
Random Thoughts- 3
Vision Beyond Seeing
There were giants on earth in those days!
Updated with what you need to understand for the sakes of you're children with these marks'''''' after all names of religions and final words. All Spirits And All Religions Of The World----Which Spirit And Which Religion Are You?
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God) - 7
The Resurrection 09.11.10
Its Official:God does Not Exist!
Why Yahoo Store Development is So Important?
Get the Best of Yahoo Store Redesign and Improve Your Business Performance
Yahoo Store Development - Benefits of Building a Yahoo Store
Why Our Agricultural Empire Will Fall With You Starving To Death Within It.
Random Thoughts- 2
Doctor's Podcast- As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you
Know Your Religion
Lying Signs and Wonders.
Follow The Shepherd 09.10.10
From Birth Our Lives Most Likely Become What We Were Born Into
Random Thoughts- 1
Doctor's Podcast- Victory over temptations
On Freedom, Muslims, And Burning The Quran
Murderers in the eyes of God because they have not the love of Christ and God
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God) -6
One Nation Under God 09.09.10
Silence of the Lambs!
The Power of God's Voice
About me and why I write for you to learn true education about spiritual things most cannot understand.
Howy mind operates with only God for my source of life
Doctor's Podcast- Open wide your mouth and I will fill it
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God) -5
Being Faithful to God 09.07.10
Living My Life
God's Grace 09.06.10
Doctor's Podcast- Appointed to God's service
Bring God's Blessings Or Judgment 09.05.10
The wide or narrow margin for Jesus to work with you!...
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God) -4
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 325
Strong Meat On The Love Of God That Is Not Taught; and to have no love is to be lukewarm and spewed for judgment. Welcome to Laodicea who all churches today are.
Forgive or Not To Forgive, This is The Question
How do you explian this?...
Is the spirit idle when we are idle!?...
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God)-3
A kind sympathy: Accounts recievable...!
One who got a commendation!...
A blog I had to push into the page at gun-point!...
A time for distictions! Those who serve and those who give thanks!...
Opening a Pandora's Box: Don't do it...!
The Long Walk...
Doctor's Podcast- God often gives gifts that we do not ask for
Red China Turns U.S. Human Rights Molehills Into Mountains
A tea lover or a coffee snob?!...
Most Important Words of God that very clearly tell who you are and just how God sees you. Parts 1 thru 3 equal 12 pages of reading what you need to know for the boldness of no fear in the great tribulation. And please stay with reading all of the words fr
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God) -2
Doctor's Podcast- Hope Fulfilled
Letters to Jesus (How We Know & Pursue God) - 1
Welcome to my Blog
Doctor's Podcast- Sons of light wait for Christ's return
Forward by Faith
Letters to Jesus (The Quest and Unity) -12
God's Genius Triumph At The Cross
Weekly Fitness Advice
Put Your Words To Work For You
Letters to Jesus (The Quest and Unity) - 11
To Live In Light
Doctor's Podcast- Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed
Letters to Jesus (The Quest and Unity) -10
"Updated" Why Understanding What a Man is through the Words of God Has Taken Me 55 Years
Rock and Roll
To Be Carnally Minded is Death
What's Childish to God
Heaven on Earth!
Letters to Jesus (The Quest and Unity) -9
A Good Teacher
Doctor's Podcast- True and false prophets
Doctor's Podcast- You are God's treasured possession
If I Was a Billionaire updated with changes and additions including some removals that you need to understand because reality is real.
Letters to Jesus (The Quest and Unity) -8
Understanding God and Understanding what God Expects
Doctor's Podcast- Waiting, hoping and waiting quietly
Lessons In Apologetics #4: Pragmaticism & Combinationalism
Conversations with God - Real Insight into My Life
Our Hearts That Tell God Everything with Absolutely Nothing Ever Hidden
"Pre Trib Rapture" theory exsposed
If I Was a Billionaire
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