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Putting Christ first
Dirt...Dirt...I was carrying a lots of Dirt...!
Cardinal Newman Society on Faux Pas of Notre Dame for Inviting Obama
Spiritual Conditioning (Thirty Second Devotional)
How does God see the dissimutation I parade...?
Commit To The Lord (Thirty Second Devotional
Second Chances
Help! How can I study better?
Letters to Jesus(I and me)-30
It's open season...you may be the next victim...!
Don't Look Back
What really matter to the Lord in the end of things...?
Sleep...Sleep...and more Sleep...!
Not A People Plraser (Thirty Second Devotional
Charity to Pres. Obama & Fr. Jenkins
Letters to Jesus (I and me)-29
Looking for a hero
Power To Impact Lives (Thirty Second Devotional)
Something said while gasping for air...!
61 Bishops’ statements on Notre Dame’s invitation to Barack Obama
some times we are to quick to ask God and to slow to ask our selves
Do we have a Compassion Deficit?
My Daily Journal (9) it's all for the best....
Looking back a little bit...
Are some sin somewhat 'whiter'or 'holier' than others...?
Getting the idle plow going again...for God!
Study The Word (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (I and me)-28
People of God
Behold!...A new world order...!
A Kind Word (Thirty Second Devotional)
Is Utopia possible in this age?...What would it cost us..?
Rise Up!
Letters to Jesus (I and me) - 27
Open The Doors (Thirty Second Devotional)
Information superhighway
My Daily Journey (lost count)my own chastisement
When the choicest corn will not do...
Dwelling Place (Thirty Second Devotional)
Has the angel of the Lord unshackle you from your problem...?
Has the economy tested you faith...?
Exersise Your Gifts (Thirty Second Devotional)
What does the Bible say about gay marriage?
Letters to Jesus (I and me)-26
Stand Tall In Adversity (Thirty Second Devotional)
When the Good News becomes the "Blahs" News...
Crime of not loving enough
Come...Thanks-giving circuit...!
What you misunderstood about the gospel...!
Have you put God in a box fitted to your size...?
Open Communication (Thirty Second Devotional)
His Word
A wounded Spirit: Yet still I rise
Letters to Jesus (I and me)-25
How Glorious is God our Creator...?
God is Simply Amazing!
Captive Audience (Thirty Second Devotional)
Still learning
So you want to preach the gospel? Here is the outline!
Purpose or morality ?
When is time for those who sleep to wake up?....Now!
I Will Not Stumble (Thirty Second Devotional)
The deal with the giants of Anakim...!
Safe and Legal? (GRAPHIC)
A poll about Obama in ND commencement and how the Democrats are trying to influence it's results
Letters to Jesus (I and me)-24
To God.com
From an e-mail: Living the Bible
Christ And The Church (Thirty Second Devotional)
To God be the glory
My Daily Journey (7) lessons learned....
Big Praise Report
Armed and dangerous
who will lead the way ?
No Condemnation (Thirty Second Devotional)
When things get dire...tell Satan six things he has forgotten!
Letters to Jesus (I and me)-23
Why 42 bishops cannot order Fr. Jenkins to rescind the invitation to Obama
Is riches really a mystery...?
A personal message from Bishop Blair
Leave The Results To God (Thirty Second Devotional)
Something I didn't figure and was bound to happen...!
Prayer Requests
To be or not to be?...Master of whatever you do...?
What A Day It Will Be
Does it really matter how much bible you can quote.
Don't Cast Stones (Thirty Second Devotional)
When things don't add up...?!
Links to statements of 42 bishops protesting honorary award to Obama in ND
The light at the end of the tunnel...!?
In memory of my relatives.
Emergency Prayer Request
Letters to Jesus (I and me) -22
Obama cannot silence the young prophets
Leaving A Legacy (Thirty Second Devotional)
Propitiation (Thirty Second Devotional)
Which temptation is the hardest ?
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