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Letters to Jesus (God and me) - 14
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 177
What if I had things my way...!
A Fruitful Harvest (Thirty Second Devotional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 176
One Mother and her Children...!
Captain's log: Supplementary...!
From The Well (Thirty Second Devotional)
"Take her out...Mr. Checkel...!"
Something that stuck to us...!
One Jovial talk and one dreadful night...!
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -13
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 175
When I thought I had, had enough...!
Have You Been With Jesus (Thirty Second Devotional)
Rest for the weary soul
In all Sunday Schools of the world...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 174
A Call To Revival (Thirty Second Devotional)
Painting my own Portrait...!
The Party is on!...Are you invited...?!
A new tidal wave of hate...!
How Can A Mere Man Get To God and God Reach Us?
The Party is already beginning...!
The Master is at the Helm...!
How To Have Intimacy With God
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -12
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 173
On the road again
An Old Tree (Thirty Second Devotional)
9-11, a day of mourning,,,take a moment of silence...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 172
hey yall GUESS WHAT????
Comfort One Another (Thirty Second Devotional)
10% Unemployed, Stock Market Crash, War, Is Revelations Next?
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -11
Whom above all men should we pity...?!
What Have I done?
It's About Jesus Not Me,Me,Me,Me,Me!!!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 171
The Rising of The Jezebels and Her SelfEmpowerment Movement.
An Invitation (Thirty Second Devotional)
One Prodigal Son you have never heard of...!
Go To Church or Not Go To Church
Do You Believe (Thirty Second Devotional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 170
hey harlee is 17 LBS and is doing great
Investing in God vs. Investing in Man
Faith and Food
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -10
Thoughts on theologians, bishops and politicians who support abortion rights
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 169
Same Message (Thirty Second Devotional)
The word is never 'old-school'...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 168
Prayers are Needed!
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -9
Basking In His Glory (Thirty Second Devotional)
Bargains for a year and a bargain for eternity...!
Jesus, the best turn on things...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 167
Can we ever play to the Lord a new tune...?!
Think on These Things
Good Evening All
Philosophies (Thirty Second Devotional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 166
Jesus, word and work, a stark reality or fantasy...?
No Profit (Thirty Second Devotional)
forgiving is easy to say hard to do could you forgive this?
Letters to Jesus (God and me) - 8
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 165
What Do You Think?
Refined In The Fire (Thirty Second Devotional)
Balancing the books...!
no where to turn
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 164
Come Forth (Thirty Second Devotional)
Song of Redemption
Plain,Simple,Over and Out!!"
To: My Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Letters to Jesus (God and me) - 7
"Mistaken For Jesus"
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 163
Jesus clears the Temple and the tree with no figs...!
No Separation (Thirty Second Devotional)
My Prayer for Forgiveness
Reponse to Tithing Post
Common Ground
"Emotionalism And Being Real"
Keeping Faith at trying times
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 162
The Word In Action (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -6
Market Place Indentity of the Believer
An Ongoing Process (Thirty Second Devotional)
a request
Prospering in a down economy part 2
join us