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The Next Step
Let Down The Net (Thirty Second Devotional)
Spirit of God
harlee and the life of a new NICU mom
Who Can God Save? (Thity Second Devotional)
To my father no one has seen his form or hear his voice
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 89
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) -16
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 88
Firm Foundations (Thirty Second Devotional)
Why Jesus?
And Justice for All
A Work In Progress (Thirty Second Devotional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 87
My Own Prison
Leaving a Legacy
I Wanna Meet Jesus... but who will introduce Him to me?
The Best Is Yet to Come!
Praying and Listening
Moving On
Should "Bullhorn" Guy Really Shut Up?
Use of Profanity on True2Ourselves???
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) -15
Praise Devotionals- 25
Under Gods Control (hirty Second Devotional)
Sing Praises to His name
HARLEE is great
Feast On The Word (Thirty Second Devotional)
Minor Setbacks (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) -14
Thoughts on Adam and Eve
Jesus...a shaft of light into my darken gloom...!
A child's concept of Trinity
Drawing Close to God- The necessity of Quiet time with God
Beyond Evangelism (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) -13
What is in the name ?
Deep wounds that won't heal
Moses Rod
Bold Witness (Thirty Second Devotional)
Study of Bible Prophecy
Fountain Of Youth (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (Others and me)-12
Rough Day Praises
Here Do You Stand? (Thirty Second Devotional)
Are we willing to go down to the Potters House and be broken again?
Be A Doer (Thirty Second Devotional)
Standing up!
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
Old West Analogy (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (Others and me)-11
Mission Assistances
Stay On Track (Thirty Second Devotional)
Championship point
Help My Unbelief (Thirty Second Devotional)
Join a Church If I Have Belief Problems?
Letters to Jesus (Others and me)-10
Are You Ready (Thirty Second Devotional)
Restoration (Thirty Second Devotional)
Angry face's staring at the White House!
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) -9
So, what will we be doing for eternity ?
In the batters' box and here's the pitch...!
A turn of events and it may turn things...!
Is there an Israel in your future...?
Just a quick Note
Is The Bible True? (Thirty Second Devotional)
Bronx Stardust
Spiritual roller coaster
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) -8
When They Are Strong (Thirty Second Devotional)
Once saved , always saved
New Day Dawning
Colors of pro-lifers
Polish Wears Off (Thrity Second Devotional)
Desert Times
Listen and Obey (Thirty Second Devotional)
Making sure of our salvation
Character and Values
Church funds at risk from bishops and priests
Vain Repetition (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) -7
Wisdon and Understanding (Thirty Second Devotional)
Eating Disorders
Letters to Jesus (Others and me)-6
What matters most.
Define Prosperity (Thirty Second devotional)
After clerical abuses, Pope urges laity to evangelize
Face The Future With Confidence (Thirty Second Devotional)
Moments of glory
Christian Camp
A Great Calm (Thirty Second Devotional)
Working for God or doing God's work - end game
Letters to Jesus (Others and me) - 5
Jesus the Person for all eternity
He Spoke It Happened (Thirty Second Devotional)
Glitch in the system ?
join us