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Enough is Enough
No Cheap Imitations (hirty Second Devotional)
Truth of God that Satan has taken from the mind of man while replacing truth with his lies and deception that God trys to warn you of through His love.
What is the meaning of Love...?!
The woman and the beast...
What do we repay our fellows with...?!
We thank God so much for his kind grace...!
Prayer request
About people, church, God, truth and reality
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -36
Know the Times
The Spirit's Leading (Thirty Second Devotional)
Don't leave home without it...!
Whom would come and glorify God...?!
Perhaps someone is on 'to be or not to be' stage...?!
Now why would God want a word with you...?!
Short and to the point of the fall of America
Paid In Full (Thirty Second Devotional
Truth of where the USA is in prophecy with the fall of the dollar and the new world order. There is no rapture and man kind has been filled with religious deception just as God said.
Witnessing Opportunities (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -35
When we fast, the last card belongs to God...!
The Essence of Faith...!
A dilema Paul had with some who misunderstood...!
Getting Ahead of God (Thirty Second Devotional)
Micah 6:8
Because God cannot lie all one needs to do is follow His instructions in Proverbs Chapter two for wisdom and knowledge with understanding.
The Just For The Unjust (Thirty Second Devotional)
Greetings you in the Orient...!
If we fear the Lord then we have something to celebrate...!
Who came from the far-reaches to hear wisdom...?!
Gods' answer to our call...!
It is hard to call time out.
Just in time to loose your temper...!
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -34
Is Jesus In You? (Thirty Second Devotional)
Truths of reality from Thy Word is Truth that are the most important words you will ever read because they come from His truth and not the churches that He as God Almighty tells you all to come out of. I have no other life other than God. . .
It's God's Money - 1
The Great Commission
A Lesson from Amos: Have we become too comfortable?
Facing A Giant Pt 9 (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -33
God said that He would remove the fishes from the sea along with man and beast. His prophecy that never lies is happening right now. True breaking news goes unreported to the mass, but something worthless as only partial truth is always breaking news.
Because our children worldwide have never been trained up in the way they should go because of religious deception, the end is coming soon, but not in ways the churches teach.
Facing A Giant Pt 8 Thirty Second Devotional)
Born Again?
Facing A Giant Pt 7 (Thirty Second Devotional)
The chocolate chip cookie
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -32
"Member or Dismembered(Body of Christ)
Story of faith
We do live within a world of religious deception. God who cannot lie even tells you so very clearly.
Facing A Giant Pt 6 (Thirty Second Devotional)
My Dysfunctional Journals
Simple Thoughts On Promises-212
Facing A Giant Pt 5 (Thirty Second Devotional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises-211
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -31
Having a genuine care within your heart and not just in words without actions
Have You Prayed For Your Country Today? 3
Facing A Giant Pt 4 (Thirty Second Devtional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises-210
This blog relates to my we site where I have 2700 email guest that receive an encouraging verse each week
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -30
Facing A Giant Pt 3 (Thirty Second Devotional)
From The Doctor's Diary- 50- The Fowler's Snare
Simple Thoughts On Promises-209
Facing A Giant Pt 2 (Thirty Second Devotional)
Let Us Go On By Faith
Simple Thoughts On Promises-208
Facing A Giant Pt 1 (Thirty Second Devotional)
Looking unto Jesus
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -29
Simple Thoughts On Promises-207
Workers Needed (Thirty Second Devotional)
Act Your Age
Simple Thoughts On Promises-206
Did You Know?
Do The Math (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -28
Simple Thoughts On Promises-205
Have You Prayed for your Country Today? 2
Not Idle Chatter (Thirty Second Devotional)
At Amber Rose Ministries we are making it easier for you to give the gift of Godís word this holiday season.
Simple Thoughts On Promises-204
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -27
A Childs Prayer (Thirty Second Devotional)
The words of God are a truth that few genuinely seek with all of their hearts. Therefore God is about to teach this whole world just who He truly is, yet because of religious deception few see the horrors rapidly approaching.
Simple Thoughts On Promises-203
Sharpening Iron (Thirty Second Devotional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises-202
A Family Affair
A Good Example (Thirty Second Devotional
The meaning of being human & its connection to our spiritual identities
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -26
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