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Letters to Jesus (God and me) -5
Like A Good Neighbor (Thirty Second Devotional)
Every Opportunity (Thirty Second Devotional)
Sir? This sit is not for me!...
A True Friend (Thirty Second Devotinal)
We Have Joy (Thirty Second Devotional)
Gods Plan (Thirty Second Devotional)
Swept out to sea
God's Anointing Power
Making Excuses (Thirty Second Devotional)
The final word on God's grace on our troubles...!
God's Heart for His People
True Character (Thirty Second Devotional)
Loneliness, the final fear and frontier...!
Do we really love the Word of God ?
Is Peace possible? or a figment of the imagination...?
Abide In The Vine (Thirty Second Devotional)
Stay Focused
Ahoy Captain!...Easy as she goes....!
Letters to Jesus (God and me) - 4
Take me to the Limit...
For His Glory (Thity Second Devotional)
Set Free to be ourselves and true...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 151
Evangelism through the Internet
Lighten Your Load (Thirty Second Devotional)
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 150
When is it convenient to love God and each other...?
Which is better? talking about Christianity or living it.
For Everyone (Thirty Second Devotional)
The two mites...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 149
One for the road...!
The Lost things...!
Some without the truth!...hard to believe!...
When you start talking to you journal...!
Being A Christian Is Not Easy, But For The True Beliver, It Has A Happy Ending
The Peace of God (Thirty Second Devotional)
For this one we had to pray...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 148
Adopted Into The Family (Thirty Second Devotional)
When we set out....we don't know exactly where or why...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 147
He will make you
Know who you are
Draw Near (Thirty Second Devotional)
Will there be a Rapture ?
The other "Matrix..."
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 146
Run the Race of Christformation
An Open Book (Thirty Second Devotional)
Do You Love Him More (Thirty Second Devotional)
When the going gets tough, the tough get going
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 145
Dear God...I was beginning to say...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 144
Serving Too Master
God And Heaven
What the Balmy Sea at Babylon...an understanding...!
The Balmy Sea at Babylon and what happened there...!
The luckiest people... are those that need other people...!
Don't Just Read It (Thirty Second Devotional)
Looking out for stumblers before you tumble...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 143
When Christians disagree
The Seasons in Sun...they don't have to end...!
The Paper Jam...The Fishing Trip and something off hub...!
Lessons Learned (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -3
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 142
my 2 best friend
Looking For A Dollar Bill And Missing The Four Quarters Right In Front Of You....
Rest and Relaxation (Thirty Second Devotional)
The Cocktail...!
One Misty Sunday morning...like the first dawn...!
The Pinnacle...!
Vision of a port-hole to hell...!
Jesus...like a shot in the arm...!
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 141
By Faith Alone (Thirty Second Devotional)
Breaking The Heart Of Jesus
How Long Shall God's Mercy Endure?
Letters to Jesus (God and me) - 2
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 140
A God Centered Perspective (Thirty Second Devotional)
Does Satan Cause All Of The Problems In Our Lives And Does He Have Help....
Open Letter To Pastors
A Consuming Fire
Repent...and Keep On Repenting
The Moments Of Eternity
Bloodbath continues; Abp. Wuerl washes hands: "Not my people, not the law"
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 139
Your Spiritual Glass (Thirty Second Devotional)
Letters to Jesus (God and me) -1
Simple Thoughts On Promises- 138
Finding Hope in Difficult Times
Power Of Praise (Thirty Second Devotional)
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