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Thought For Today - July 18 - Does Anyone Hear Our Song ?
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -11
Vilifed any people lately?
Thought For Today - July 17 - Go In the Strength Of The Lord !
Opt In or Out?
Vegan Christianity
Bible Blessing-120
Thought For Today - July 16 - God Is Our Refuge !
Let us focus on the solution.
Bible Blessing-119
Thought For Today - July 15 - Pray For The Salvation Of Others !
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -10
Examine yourselves
Book Release - The Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion: The Young King
Thought For Today - July 14 -Love God With All Our Heart !
The Deity of Christ, 1of3
Strengthening The Family (Part One: Vacating Shame Through Love)
American Silence, !!Enough!!
America, America
Thought For Today - July 13 - What Would We Do ?
Whose Church?
Once saved always saved?
You cant build something by being against something.
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -9
Messiah, 105
Thought For Today -July 12 - The Secret Place !
Hope for Power - Acts 2
Hope for Resurrection - IThess
A Mystery Guest - Luke 24
Place your trust in the Eternal; rely on Him completely; never depend upon your own ideas and inventions.
The Number Seven
Lawyers and Christianity
Thought For Today = July 11 = Home At Last !
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -8
Is That In The Bible? 3
Rite of passage
Thought For Today - July 10 - Tap The Mind Of God !
Kingdom of God
Darkness Reigns on Planet Earth and Always Has through Psychological Mind Control. http://godsunknownmessenger.webs.com/mind-control-over-humanity
Thought For Today - July 9 - Speak To God !
From Fear to Faith: Luke 24
A Clean Slate: 1Peter
The Lord's Supper: Luke 22
My Testimony
Is There A Prayer To Pray To Obtain Salvation?
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -7
Fast Track
3/7 Prayer Rule
Thought For Today - July 8 - Expect Great Things From God !
R.I.P., lets hope not!
Let us seek God
Thought For Today - July 7 - Sowing And Reaping !
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -6
Jesus Christ in Judges
The Lack Of Wisdom
America and the prophesised signs of the times coming upon all humanity..
Thought For Today - July 6 - Wheat Among Tares !
What Now?
Messiah, 104
8 Year Term for your New Car Loan Ė Should you opt for it?
Fields of Love (pages of favorites)
My Daily Confessions
Thought For Today - July 5 - An Enemy Of Our Enemies !
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -5
Sustained Success
Thought For Today - July 4 - God Hath Dealt Bountifully With Us !
Godís Jewels
Bible Blessing-118
Thought For Today - July 3 - Today - A Gift From God !
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -4
gucci outlet Online makes your life happy every day
Thought For Today - July 2 - Safety With The Lord !
7 Doubles
The Valley of Dry Bones
From the Doctor's Diary-55
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -3
Thought For Today - July 1 - Cause For Rejoicing !
Thought For Today - June 30 - Plead My Cause, O Lord !
Christ as Servant
Thought For Today - June 29 - At All Times !
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -2
The future is sure - Daniel 7
A sure escape route - 2Peter
A Changed Life - 1Peter
Hope Motivates Holy Living - 2Peter
US Government spying scandal: Do you feel safer than a decade ago?
Messiah, 103
Thought For Today - June 28 - God Fixes Things !
Simple Math
Thought For Today - June 27 - Have You Called Unto God This Morning ?
Starts in the mind
Itís Too Costly
Letters to Jesus (Perspectives and Perceptions) -1
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