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Bible Blessing-142
God's Timing
Sabbath a Sign between me and you for ever
Facts about the Sabbath Day
Messiah, 131
Indian Food Recipes
Thought For Today - December 19 - Behold The Lamb Of God!
Thought For Today - December 20 - Danger Signals@
What Catholics and Protestants can do together.
The Red Sea Crossing
Nativity Scene Objections
Planning for 2014.
grace and mercy part2
Thought For Today - December 17 - Fear Not Man!
Gods grace an mercy
The Tongue
Taking Part
Thought For Today - December 16 - Eat Your Words!
An Excited Declaration
Take down Natavity Scene
Thought For today - December 15 - Not With the Wisdom Of Men, B ut By The Power Of God!
Shavua Tov!
Jesus – 4 Views
Are You Truly Merciful?
prayer warfare and the BEST OF GOD'S LOVE IN GENTLE KINDNESS!!
Thought For Today - December 14 - No Light In The Window!
Father showed me the (religious) church is dead to him
Messiah, 130
The Wonder of God
Thought For Today - December 13 - Christmas Time!
Post Office Downplays Christmas In Favor Of Ethnosupremacist Celebrations
2013 is almost gone.
Quote: “One Pearl of Great Price”
4 Prides
Our Book
Dr. Patrick Angelo
Bible Blessing-141
Specialty Stores: Best Place to current market Used Barbour Shined up jackets
Before I was placed in my mother’s womb I stood before the Lord
Christ’s Focus
Pure Desire
Pastor Murdered
Do yoknow what time it is? It is later than you think
Feeding The chicken
Pastor killed at home
Thought For Today - December 7 - Take Care Of God's Business And He Will Take Care Of Ours
Cabin Fever?
Messiah, 129
Hello My Name Is..
Faith, Family and Friends
Is That In The Bible? 8
Hope & Rest in the Father
What I believe Jesus does not see.
The One true Church
The 3R Gospel
O Holy Night
My Life Is Broken: Now What ?
Unity and Division
Thought For Today - December 2 - Sing Unto The Lord!
Christmas Cheer?
Bible Blessing-140
Jesus Christ in 2 Kings
Christian Basics
The Strength Of Meekness
I Prepared Myself a Body
Messiah, 128
Ivy League Word Games Undermine Human Dignity
Thought For Today - November 29 - Born Of God.
Dogs of God, Interesting church history
It Is What It Is
Thought for today - November 28 - Which Road Will You Take?
Abundant Thanksgiving
Bible Blessing-139
Hillary Advocates Bull In A China Shop Police State While In Buffalo
Issue Of Personhood Foundational In Bioethical Debates
Thanking God
Thought For Today - November 27 - What Is True Religion?
2013 & 79811
Harvard Praises God
Thought for Today - November 26 - Wait On The Lord!
Law vs. Grace, 11of12
Prosperity Gospel and the American Dream
Thought For Today - November 25 - Created And Saved To Serve!
What to do when we do not know what to do.
Like Minds
Passing out tracts
Bible Blessing-138
Jesus Christ Our Peace
The Independent Spirit
Thought For Today - November 23 - Disobedient Children!
Let me LOVE them through YOU
Messiah, 127
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