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Christian Basics
The Strength Of Meekness
I Prepared Myself a Body
Messiah, 128
Ivy League Word Games Undermine Human Dignity
Thought For Today - November 29 - Born Of God.
Dogs of God, Interesting church history
It Is What It Is
Thought for today - November 28 - Which Road Will You Take?
Abundant Thanksgiving
Bible Blessing-139
Hillary Advocates Bull In A China Shop Police State While In Buffalo
Issue Of Personhood Foundational In Bioethical Debates
Thanking God
Thought For Today - November 27 - What Is True Religion?
2013 & 79811
Harvard Praises God
Thought for Today - November 26 - Wait On The Lord!
Law vs. Grace, 11of12
Prosperity Gospel and the American Dream
Thought For Today - November 25 - Created And Saved To Serve!
What to do when we do not know what to do.
Like Minds
Passing out tracts
Bible Blessing-138
Jesus Christ Our Peace
The Independent Spirit
Thought For Today - November 23 - Disobedient Children!
Let me LOVE them through YOU
Messiah, 127
Thought Folr Today - November 22 - Made Clean From sin!
Bateria para HP EliteBook Revolve 810
Philippines to rebuild.
Thought For Today - November 21 - If Winter Comes.
Bible Answer, 2
Mother of all typhoons
Thought For today - November 20 - Sharper Than A Two Edged Sword!
I am Love Sick
Soul Fishing
Religious Freedom Foundation
Overcome evil with good
Faith vs Dogma
Thought For Today - November 17 - Something To Look Forward To!
The Body of Christ
God is our first line of defense
Comfort Comes When Repentance Comes
In God We Trust
I stepped out of time and into eternity through eyes of God
We All Face Giants
I saw Yahshua (Dream)
Thought For Today - November 16 - Grace, Mercy ,Peace
The Crystal Sea (Dream)
My first Love, my beloved
A picture of things to come.
War broke out in Heaven, Our separation from God and Man Became a Living Soul
Which Bible?
The whole Earth is filled with His Glory
The Gods who have not made the Heavens and the Earth
I am coming Back
Hungering and thirsting for his presence (the upper room of our mind)
Messiah, 126
The meaning behind The Twelve Days Of christmas
answered prayer
Letters to Jesus - (Farewell)
Thought For Today - November 15 - Where Is Our Faith?
Shabbat Shalom
Valuable Community
hought For Today - November 14 -Lovers Of Ourselves!
Bible Question, 2
God is more powerful than all typhoons
Right! Right?
Letters to Jesus (Spirit of God) - 6
Thought For Today - November 13 - My Defense Is Of God!
Safest place
Thought For Today - November 12 - Study To show thyself Approved!
Curve Ball
7 Gospels
Thought For today - November 11- Abundantly Blessed!
Bishop Arrested
The Grieved Spirit
Letters to Jesus (Spirit of God) - 5
Bible Blessing-137
The Love of our Life
When disasters strike
Thught For Today - November 10 - What Is Your Compass??
Christ Is…
what would Jesus Do
simply me
What Is The Sin Unto Death (1John 5:16)?
Thought For Today - November 9 - Bodily Exercise Profiteth Little!
Letters to Jesus (Spirit of God) - 4
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