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Accused of hate and greed(ped on trial)
Thought For Today - October 18 - Press Forward!
Letters to Jesus (More Church Issues) - 3
Playing/Tempting God
Shabbat Shalom Everyone
Thought For Today - October 17 - Light Up The World!
Gospel Musc with Datona each Surises
Quote: Born Again
Common sense signs of true believer/s
Thought For Today - October 16 - Lifestyle of Christians!
Looking Back
Letters to Jesus (More Church Issues) - 2
Bible Verse for Today
God Clearly Describes Two Kinds of Believers Making These Words From God Your Best Possible Spiritual Education For Truth Based On Love.
Thought For Today - October 15 - Jesus Never Fails!
The Book of Jude
An Artists View of God
Bible facts about Lucifer
What Life Would Be If I Was a Billionaire
Thought For Today - October 14 - Have Faith In God!
Family in the Philippines
God's Punishment
Not Knowing What's Ahead
Letters to Jesus (More Church Issues) - 1
Why Judgment and Why God Created Lucifer
Rehabilitation from Life's Darkness
World of Religious Division
The God that we represent
Human Destiny Never Taught - http://youtu.be/j5CM8pz4JhQ
Praying for Money (Humor)
Submit to God
Understanding Grace (Part Two)
Christ’s Joy
Eternal Manna
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 10
Thought For Today - October 12- Leaders In The Home!
Bible Blessing-133
Eternal Life And Death Not Hell
Trials of Life
Messiah, 121
False Shun, Quiet Withdrawal
Acer aspire timelinex 5830t- Baterias y adaptadores para portatiles
The woes of two thousand and twelve
Thought For Today - October - 11 -To Serve Him!
Spending time with God
He'll Never Know
Praying for Syia.
Thought For Today - October 10 - Take Heed!
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 9
Is That In The Bible? 6
Book Release Celebration! - The Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion: the Young King
Cheap Ralph Lauren Outlet Sale
God's free gift
Thought for today - October 9 - Are We Ready?
True Life Radio (Find Yourself In The Mix)
Are You of This World, or Not of This World? God Knows by your Hearts Intent That Can Never Lie. Hebrews 4:12-13
Thought For Today - October 8 - What is Our Besettin g Sin?
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 8
Why I don,t cook!
Thought for today - Octobver 7 - Walk Not As Others!
Isaiah 61:1
Changes or Not
Our value in God's eyes.
Christ in 2 Samuel
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 7
Understanding Grace (Part One)
Bible Blessing-132
A Loyal Soldier of Christ Jesus
Thought For Today - Octrober 5- All Of Grace!
Messiah, 120
Child of God
Shabbat Shalom
Thought For Today - October 4 - The Lord Hath Need Of You!
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 6
True Faith According to God and not man.
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare):Healthcare and Insurance Improvements?
“Tangible Answers to Difficult Questions”
Life in Jesus
The New Covenant
An email from Great friend of God
Thought For Today - October 2 - What Good Thing Shall We Do?
I AM Blessed
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 5
Pray for Israel
Rock of ages music video with sunrise.
Thought For Today - Ocgtober 1 - To Know Christ!
Answered Prayer
ISAIAH 41:13
Bible Blessing-131
God's word and the Trinity
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 4
Thought For Today - September 30 - Faith!
Trusting in the Lord
Supreme Authority
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