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Jan 3
In the midst of the storm
"Woman where are those thine accusers?"
A Literal Hell?
Jan 2
Jan 1
Messiah, 133
Strength of materials
The GREAT reward

Starting 2014
Jesus Introduces me to New Year Resolutions
Thought For today - January 2 - Rejoice In The Lord!
“A Remarkable Work”
New Year Commitment - Exercise
Be Still
Thought For Today- January 1 -Blessed Of God!
Are you right in God's sight?

The debate WAS over!

Made It!
Gospel of sovereign grace

Here We Go-Trials and Struggles
A New Beginning
I am not a 'christian'....

Thought For Today - December 31 - Happy New Year!
8 Biblical Resolutions
NFL Power Rankings, Week 4
Know More about the Controversial Artist Damien Hirst
"I will walk at liberty"
Thought For Today - December 30 - New Years Resolutions!
Thought For Today - December 29 - I Would Rather Be Poor!
Another Chance
Comin' or Goin'
The Jew, The Talmud, and the Language
Christ--Son of God
Messiah, 132
Thought For Today - December 27 - The Message Of Christmas - Peace On Earth!
Thought for today - December 26 - Who Will Sit At thy Table. Lord?
“I Have No Need”
It's Over
Psalm 127:1
Secularist Educators On The March Against Traditional Holidays
Law vs. Grace, 12of12
How to deal with fear
Thought For Today - December 22 - Your Invitation To Attend The Marriage Supper Of the Lamb Of God!
Christian Banners illegal
A Tale Of Two Christmases
Learn to do well
Thought for Today - December 21 - Rest In the Lord!
Christ--Son of Man
The Pure In Heart
Bible Blessing-142
God's Timing
Sabbath a Sign between me and you for ever
Facts about the Sabbath Day
Messiah, 131
Indian Food Recipes
Thought For Today - December 19 - Behold The Lamb Of God!
Thought For Today - December 20 - Danger Signals@
What Catholics and Protestants can do together.
The Red Sea Crossing
Nativity Scene Objections
Planning for 2014.
grace and mercy part2
Thought For Today - December 17 - Fear Not Man!
Gods grace an mercy
The Tongue
Taking Part
Thought For Today - December 16 - Eat Your Words!
An Excited Declaration
Take down Natavity Scene
Thought For today - December 15 - Not With the Wisdom Of Men, B ut By The Power Of God!
Shavua Tov!
Jesus – 4 Views
Are You Truly Merciful?
prayer warfare and the BEST OF GOD'S LOVE IN GENTLE KINDNESS!!
Thought For Today - December 14 - No Light In The Window!
Father showed me the (religious) church is dead to him
Messiah, 130
The Wonder of God
Thought For Today - December 13 - Christmas Time!
Post Office Downplays Christmas In Favor Of Ethnosupremacist Celebrations
2013 is almost gone.
Quote: “One Pearl of Great Price”
4 Prides
Our Book
Dr. Patrick Angelo
Bible Blessing-141
Specialty Stores: Best Place to current market Used Barbour Shined up jackets
Before I was placed in my mother’s womb I stood before the Lord
Christ’s Focus
Pure Desire
Pastor Murdered
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