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The sun going down on your anger is the least of your problems
Eden Lost & Recreated
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-10
How much time will we spend to prepare for eternity ?
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-9
Christ—Jehovah, 6of9
Lessons From Paul's Past
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-8
Do you think that I would create someone separate from myself to be sacrificed for the sins of the world, asked the Lord?
I go to prepare a place for you in my Father’s house are many mansions
Messiah, 142
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-7
Very Fashionable Leather Bomber Jacket
laser vert
Limitation of God's love
“A Tremendous Book”
To whom then will you liken God ?
Not Allowed to mention the Bible in School
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-5
7 Aspects of the Gospel
Blog, my online journal
Faith and Love
Machine Gun Preacher
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-4
You Are The Potter's Clay Series
Jesus Christ in Ezra
Past Tense
Love and Kindness
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-3
Messiah, 141
Thought For Today - February 28 - The Secret Place!
Our Whole Armor, 9of9
Breaking the Safety Net of the Law
Our Whole Armor, 8of9
Thought For Today - February 26 - God Is Good!
Our Whole Armor, 7of9
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah-2
Change the world....
What did Jesus really mean in Matt 18: 15-17- Some thought about Church Discipline
Our Whole Armor, 6of9
Thoughts from the book of Isaiah
Our Whole Armor, 5of9
Learning love from the cross
Holiness Is Easy
Sharing Jesus with others
Christ—Jehovah, 5of9
A Key To Righteous Living
Why do I get excited with God's love ?
What talking could not do
New Study Book Available For Kindle
Messiah, 140
What is True Baptism
Why is love God's greatest gift ?
Our Whole Armor, 4of9
Thought For Today - February 20 - Judgment Or Mercy, Which shall It Be?
Our Whole Armor, 3of9
Let us be holy.
Thought For Today - February 19 - Wise Thoughts!
African Tabernacle Evangelism
African Tabernacle Evangelism
African Tabernacle Evangelism
African Tabernacle Evangelism
African Tabernacle Evangelism
Our Whole Armor, 2of9
Our Whole Armor, 1of9
Adam Clarke says ' bad idea
Do we have God's love ?
viseur laser carabine
Thought for Today - February 17 - Will God Cast Off Forever?
Asking for God's love
Christ—Jehovah, 4of9
Now and eternity
Adam Clarke talks about Perfection
Glorious Freedom
God always provides
To offend or not to offend ?
For this cause
Messiah, 139
Thought for today - February 14 - Draw Near To God!
7 Hearts
Listening for God
Software and Website Designinjg Company
Let God be our first "Valentine".
Thought For Today - February 13 - Glorify God!
Is That In The Bible? 9
Biggest Fear
President asks for God's help
Bible Blessing-143
Bible Answer, 3
Having a purpose
Do we celebrate or mourn ?
I told my Senator
Bible Approved by Congress
Sincere Prayer
join us