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I have an anger problem
Christ & Me
Main reason why people will miss heaven.
Overcoming Frustration (Part Two)
I've Learned to Receive Extraordinary Healings from Heaven
"A New Creation"
Messiah, 225
Without this we Christians are of all men most miserable.
Fear Not, 41
"Adam's Sin versus God's Grace"
New life in Jesus Christ.
The Peace of God
Bible Answer, 17
Are Christians immune from sufferings ?
The Extreme Forever Makeover
Quote: Jim Elliot, 11
Wishful Thinking
Woe is me but send me
Bible Question, 17
Unwavering Faith
Identity in Christ, 40
Exceedingly abundantly above all
Christ in Nahum
Overcoming Frustration (Part One)
Can't help but share these verses.
God's Compassion Triumphs His Wrath
Messiah, 224
Christ, the Chosen One
Fear Not, 40
The awesomeness of God
King Josiah
What is better than religious debates.
Putting off the Old Self and Putting on the New Self
To The Lord
Having the mind of Christ
God's Extremes
Who influences us the most ?
Clay in the Potter's hands
Identity in Christ, 39
Christ's Sacrifice, 3of3
The Songs We Sing
Psalm 80
Messiah, 223
Who Am I?
Fear Not, 39
What do you want most in life ?
Shadow of His Wings
We have seen
Laying On Hands
Jesus is everything we need.
Isaiah 31 for the United States
Identity in Christ, 38
The church's first love
Strange Fire Conference held 10-13-2013
Christ's Sacrifice, 2of3
Grant Yourself Permission
Messiah, 222
Trust in the Lord
Goodreads Book Giveaway - "The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion"
Fear Not, 38
5 Ways to Make a Difference in Politics
"Eating" the word of God
7 Aspects of Service
God is our main employer.
Understanding the misunderstanding between the Fundamentalists and the Charismatics
7 Aspects of Regeneration
God is still on the throne.
Developing our love for Jesus
7 Aspects of Prayer
The Christian Orthodox Church
Get Domestic and International Tour Packages at affordable rates
Identity in Christ, 37
United we stand divided we fall
Christ's Sacrifice, 1of3
Growing in Christian life
Equal Love
Welcome to my young, flawed Christian life
The Fiery Furnace
Messiah, 221
Fear Not, 37
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
Elisha, 3of3
Is God's Love Unconditional?
If God ask you, why will He let you into His heaven ?
Elisha, 2of3
Kudos for Kim
Elisha, 1of3
Winning your town or city for Jesus.
Exams preparation
Identity in Christ, 36
Revisiting Your Past
Are we to look beyond Jesus Christ ?
Christ in Micah
Messiah, 220
Are we the generation that will see the return of Jesus Christ ?
Fear Not, 36
Bible Answer, 16
Where would we rank Jesus Christ in our lives ?
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