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Safest place to be
Even This
"Undeserved Grace"
3 Witnesses--Heaven, 3of3
Love like Jesus
"The Second Salvation"
How to tell who are the disciples of Jesus.
3 Witnesses--Heaven, 2of3
"A Prayer for ALL True Believers"
3 Witnesses--Heaven, 1of3
Intense Desire
The awesomeness of GOD
Will Facebook, social media, Internet bring about the return of Jesus Christ ?
"The Harvest"
I need a redo!
Identity in Christ, 43
Do you memorize Bible verse/s ?
God Makes Me Dwell In Safety by Priscilla Payne
Christ is Everything
Where'd My Joy Go?
What a Good Day
The Battle from Within
Our Mistakes Are Not The end
Messiah, 227
Don't Be Captive to Hollow and Deceptive Philosophy
Being Torn Down So That You Can Be Rebuilt
Fear Not, 43
Jesus 24/7
Being Sanctified and Found Blameless
Walk Wothy
Keep our faith on Jesus.
Foolish Sins
Lack of Fruit, 2of2
Safety recall
"God's Invitation"
Lack of Fruit, 1of2
Is The Bible To Be Taken Literally?
Near the End of Time
Identity in Christ, 42
Christ Gives Me
Let Jesus be our first and the last
Paul's Sin Nature? (Romans 7)
One in Christ Jesus
Messiah, 226
"Equipping the Saints"
Fear Not, 42
"The Human Race from God's View"
God in Psalm 32
Changing the Way You Think
Paul's Preaching
GOD's Love
Eternity With Jesus by Priscilla Payne
Trust the LORD!
Peter's Preaching
How do we remember God ?
Harvesting What You Plant
Identity in Christ, 41
I have an anger problem
Christ & Me
Main reason why people will miss heaven.
Overcoming Frustration (Part Two)
I've Learned to Receive Extraordinary Healings from Heaven
"A New Creation"
Messiah, 225
Without this we Christians are of all men most miserable.
Fear Not, 41
"Adam's Sin versus God's Grace"
New life in Jesus Christ.
The Peace of God
Bible Answer, 17
Are Christians immune from sufferings ?
The Extreme Forever Makeover
Quote: Jim Elliot, 11
Wishful Thinking
Woe is me but send me
Bible Question, 17
Unwavering Faith
Identity in Christ, 40
Exceedingly abundantly above all
Christ in Nahum
Overcoming Frustration (Part One)
Can't help but share these verses.
God's Compassion Triumphs His Wrath
Messiah, 224
Christ, the Chosen One
Fear Not, 40
The awesomeness of God
King Josiah
What is better than religious debates.
Putting off the Old Self and Putting on the New Self
To The Lord
Having the mind of Christ
God's Extremes
Who influences us the most ?
Clay in the Potter's hands
Identity in Christ, 39
Christ's Sacrifice, 3of3
The Songs We Sing
Psalm 80
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