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Identity in Christ, 24
How would you describe your Christian journey ?
All Things in the Lord GOD'S Time
Chicken Little
Freedom of Choice
Messiah, 208
Satan Works Through His Own
Lessons on Leadership (Part 2)
Fear Not, 24
EXTRA: Talk Radio 2
These Are the Last Days
Christian Sacrifice
What God wants from us.
Double portion of God's blessing
Coming or Going ? come or go ?
LeBron Reminds Me of Samson
The Christian's Alphabet
Leadership -- Learning from Others
The Christian & The World
My blogging not enough to declare the glory of God
To obey is better than sacrifice
Identity in Christ, 23
God created us.
Christ in Amos
Messiah, 207
Fear Not, 23
EXTRA: Talk Radio
The Lord GOD'S Plan For the World?
Bible Answer, 13
Quote: Jim Elliot, 10
Our New Florida Baptist Director
Bible Question, 13
Identity in Christ, 22
Falling in love with Jesus Christ
Time Is Nearing It's End
Boasting Before God
Avoiding Distractions
Messiah, 206
Fear Not, 22
God's Precious Promises
Kindle Countdown Deal ($ .99) - How Do I Love Thee: Food For Thought Before You Say I DO
Eternal Security, 2of2
Making Sense of Duggar Family Situation
Careful planning
Eternal Security, 1of2
Fall From Grace
Identity in Christ, 21
Chess, football and the Christian life
Christ--Pivotal Events, 3of3
The Intentionality of Love
Messiah, 205
Becoming a Christ-follower...
Fear Not, 21
Good Preaching, 3of3
Does God keep His promises ?
Good Preaching, 2of3
Good Preaching, 1of3
Identity in Christ, 20
Clear communication
Worship and Identity
Christ--Pivotal Events, 2of3
Is it oky to "accept" Christ?
Messiah, 204
Fear Not, 20
How is Fasting Like Communion?
God & His People
Rule of Jesus Christ
Junk yard
God's Creation at Sea
Missing Essentials, 2of2
Missing Essentials, 1of2
Story of the missing eyeglasses
Identity in Christ, 19
The day after mother's day
Christ--Pivotal Events, 1of3
Are You Attacking Or Edifying?
Messiah, 203
A Mother's Day Tribute
Fear Not, 19
Always Caring For Mom - Aging Parents
We Need To Pray
Bible Question, 12
Numbering our days
Christian Clubs kicked off Campus
Quote: Fellowship With God
Consider mentorship
Bible Question, 12
Identity in Christ, 18
Will Pacquiao win more souls for Jesus ?
Christ in Joel
Approaching The Bible
Messiah, 202
Fear Not, 18
Don't forget the battle in your soul
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