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Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 4
Thought For Today - September 30 - Faith!
Trusting in the Lord
Supreme Authority
Collision course ?
Healing 3
Christ, The Savior
Healing for Now!
Where Is My Faith?
Thought For Today - September 28 - From The Depths Of The Heart!
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 3
Messiah, 116
Shabbat Shalom
Have we found what we are looking for ?
Thpought For Today - September 27 - Almost Persuaded!
The God of Genesis 1
Thought for Today - September 26 - Keep On Sowing!
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 2
Possibly Uncomfortable
Cycle of man's life
Simchat Torah
Thought for Today - September 25 - Christ's Kinsmen!
HOSHANAH RABBAH ( The Last Day of Sukkot )
Thought For Today - September 24 - We Are What We speak!
Letters to Jesus (Failure of Words) - 1
Law vs. Grace, 9of12
Solving economic problem
The Coming of Zionís King
How to fix the economy with some humor.
Thought For Today - September 23 - Lord Of The Sabbath!
The forgotten bridge
Who am I?
Letters to Jesus (Pray, Pray More) - 11
Some Roles of Christ
The Kingdom of Heaven message preached before the death of Christ must not be confused with the dispensation of Grace
Bible Blessing-130
Really God?!
Gifts from the Holy Spirit
Another Elephant
Answer to Jeffcc
Jesus as Lord and Savior.
But now I want to point out a way of life that is even greater. 1 Corinthians 12:31b
An offer of peace to Jeffcc
Thought For Today - September 21 - Do We Look For Another?
Messiah, 115
Unpardonable Kindness
Who ElpidioLGagolinan being false brethren has shown himself to be in the eyes of God.
Thought For Today - September 20 - Diligently Seek The Lord!
Letters to Jesus (Pray, Pray More) - 10
Spirit of Truth
Our Lord makes truth regarding what is coming very clear to all; but none can see truth nor even have God's mercy in the times ahead for all humanity.
One of thousands of verses to believers from God that they all refuse to beleive because of false teachers and the god of this world controlling their thoughts.
Prophets and priests shed the blood of the upstanding and also the just in her midst.
Isaiah 29:13 Was Written For All Believers In The Body Of Christ Being The Church Of God And Never Buildings Called Churches.
Shabbat Shalom
Thought For Today - September 19 - What Is His Name?
Quote: Intimacy
Who is guarding your soul ?
Elijah's syndrome
Happy Sukkot
Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
Thought For Today - September 18 - Take Heed..Lest We Be Destroyed!
Letters to Jesus (Pray, Pray More) - 9
Understanding God
JOHN 1:1-5
The 3C/3S Gospel
We all sinned.
The Book: Christformation In You: From Genesis to Revelation-The Big Picture
A Messianic Sukkot: 2013
Thou Shalt Have No Other gods Before Me -- But sadly this world of believers have many gods before God and have no spiritual understanding as to why because shepherds do not teach congregations truth, so says God believers refuse to believe.
Prayer works, but not always the way we think.
Letters to Jesus (Pray, Pray More) - 8
Thought For Today - September 15 - Once I Was Blind
My life in the Philippines as an American
Bible Blessing-129
Reserve Your FREE Copy of the Messianic Prophecy Bible
Jesus Christ Among Men
Gifts of the Holy Spirit for All
Why The Wilderness?
GOD is Omnipresent
Letters to Jesus (Pray, Pray More) - 7
Messiah, 114
Boston, are the patriots strong?
Candlestick FunTown
Shabbat Shalom On Yom Kippur
God's Loving Kindness and Compassion
Is That In The Bible? 5
Letters to Jesus (Pray, Pray More) - 6
Reality Check
Bible Blessing-128
Overcoming evil with good
1 Thessalonians 4:13,14
EXTRA: Gold Medal
Returning to the Lord: Yom Kippur
Message to scammers
Letters to Jesus (Pray, Pray More) - 5
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