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"*~My Salvation~*"
44 years old

Canada a1n1l6

May 02 2009

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Susan's Interests
Writing Art (painting-acrylics, oil; drawing, painting on slate, history of art, artbooks, etc. Crafts-beadworking; paper, scrapbooking, etc, etc. Music (Gospel, Old Rock n' Roll) Cooking, baking, EATING!!! lol
All kinds, from Classical to Old school Rock n' Roll! The Beatles-"Blackbird", "Here Comes The Sun", "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End, "In My Life" Eric Burdon & The Animals Radiohead-"High & Dry", "Fake Plastic Trees" P.O.D. George Harrison-"My Sweet Lord","Give Me Love" Nirvana, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, Mozart, Beethoven, etc, etc.
Bible, art books, Psychology, How-to books, poetry, biographies, etc, etc.
Jesus Christ My Mom My Dad (RIP) I'll see you soon XO My "better half", Dean My friend, Gladys, who's been through so much herself..thanks for always being there for me when I needed a friend! :)
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Susan's Blurbs
About me:
Hi. I'm from Newfoundland, Canada, an island off the East coast. I am a Born Again Christian, I just recently found my Savior, Jesus Christ on Sept.28, 2008. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and it has changed my life!!! I was a sinner, I was addicted to drugs, drinking, got into prostitution at the age of 19, and I was on the "highway to Hell". I was a reclusive, anxiety-ridden mess, who was on the verge of a breakdown, when I finally said "enough is enough", and asked God to help me. I broke down in my bathroom and gave myself to Christ. I admitted that He was my Lord and Savior, and that I was a sinner. He filled me with the Holy Spirit that day...He calmed my mind and dried my tears..He touched my heart & filled my soul. Before that day, I was empty inside. I used whatever I could to fill the void, but nothing worked..nothing on this earth can fill the void, besides His great LOVE. My family is so happy for me. I grew up in a Pentecostal household, but never ever believed. I strayed from the flock and from my family, but I've returned, through His Grace and Mercy, and I haven't been the same since!!! I feel grateful to be alive, and so thankful that I found His LOVE. I thank God every day for this miracle, and for showing me a part of me that I never knew existed...a SOUL.
Who I'd like to meet:
Fellow brothers and sisters, who just want to say "Hi", or have a chat about His Great works!
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Home is where the heart is (Mount Pearl, NL) 
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Susan's Friends Comments
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Christian St John   12-22-2008 2:48:22

Thanks for adding me sister!


Dereise   12-15-2008 10:46:37

Hey Susan, I'm so happy for you. I was on that "highway to hell" too. Oh, I would have probably still gone to Heaven because of Salvation but I was living a hell on earth. It's really a wonderous life to live for Him first and foremost. I heard the song by Faith Hill, "Christmas Where Are You". That's song is about me this year and it does hurt but knowing what I do now it's all been worth it. Enjoy the ride Susan, you have a ticket now forever! Love ya, Dereise...........

Michael   12-13-2008 3:50:32

Such an awesome testimony of the wonderous works of God. King Jesus - only He can take us from such horrible places to peace that passes all understanding. Welcome to the Kingdom! Your Father loves you!!

David   11-25-2008 11:42:30

Thank you for your kind words about my photos, but your testimony is more beautiful than all my images put together. God be with you!

Suzy   11-22-2008 9:54:06

Hi Susan, your profile is a beautiful testimony of God's love and grace.

Brooke   11-20-2008 10:27:28

Hi Susan!  God bless you and welcome to the family.  I was filled with joy when I read your story.  I will keep you in my prayers.  I also wanted to thank you for inviting me to be your friend.   

rob   11-18-2008 10:05:55

Thanks 4 Adding Me!

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