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"My life belongs completely to God for fulfilling His will as He directs me. Amen"
63 years old
Dumaguete , Negros Oriental
Philippines 6216

October 27 2013

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jeff's Interests
I have interests in everything seen and unseen. Cultures, places, the ocean depths and the universe with everything that's between.
Some 50's good ole Hank. Johnny Cash and misc country with the addition of some good ole tunes like CCR, Bob Seger and some music through the 60's-70's
Discovery, History, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and just anything good for solid education.
Many Bibles of different versions for study comparison, Strong's, Holman sets and a never ending wish list from God because I have almost nothing for studies.
Jesus Christ, Job, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego, Samuel, David, Isaiah, Habakkuk,Elijah,Moses,Ezekiel,Paul,Jeremiah,Malachi, Amos, Peter, Ezra, Joshua, Mark, Luke, John, Matthew, James and all men of God are my heroes.
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jeff's Blurbs
About me:
God is my life and priority above everything. I watch the world, prophecy and see all things as news that was written thousands of years ago coming to pass. God is love and we are to love each other as Christ loved us. When I awake God is with me. When I sleep God is with me. And through each day God is with me because I have absolutely no other life. My KJV is like a worn out road map all marked up and in sections with different tapes holding different pages in place with its companion named Mr. Strong's Concordance as the two were meant for each other to help keep my heart beating while always seeking God as silver and searching for Him as the hid treasure that has become my only life with no other. 51 years of my life were in America's very rocky roads with nothing but raging storms of life with the past six being in the Philippines and in training as a direct student of God for what He has called me for. As difficult as my life is I simply look at all men of God through the past and see that nothing was ever an easy life when living for God's will and not your own. It is not us that find God, but God that finds us by our hearts intent and obedience along with having faith in His every word. Because God has become my heartbeat and only blood-flow for life itself, without Him I would surely die. The day will arrive when God places me anywhere on earth that needs the spiritual strength to gain God's favor as the needed preparation for the coming beginning of sorrows almost upon us with Psalms 91 being a good example of difference in life's roads being the many or the few as written in Matthew 7:13-14. I simply live by His word which is pure truth without the various teachings of man that differ and cause confusion. Psalms 12:6 The only men that know a man of God are other men of God themselves because it is the Lord who brings them together. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Hebrews 5:14
Who I'd like to meet:
Like minded friends with world concerns and the desire to grow closer and closer to God each day of their life. People interested in God's innumerable creations while worshiping the creator rather than the created. Friends from the heart and not the lips. God's gift of discernment has blessed me. And I want to meet others that like me are not religious in the sense on man, but rather men of God and men of truth only seeking the Father's direction with no trust in man.
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